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if i believe in one thing, just one thing.... i believe in her

janeth littrell
24 June
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basics. single. lives in miami. would rather be living somewhere else. loves music. likes to read. constantly online. loves to watch movies. is very passionate. listens to podcasts. animal lover. is a romantic. loves to laugh. sometimes has fangirly moments. loves to watch soccer.

music. backstreet boys. stevie brock. david archuleta. wrock. glee cast. james morrison. one direction. mcfly. a lot of pop. some rock. some r&b. some classical.

movies. harry potter. moulin rouge. finding nemo. the hunger games. final destination. a walk to remember. cloverfield. the notebook. mean girls. easy a. back to the future. stepmom. love actually. armageddon. coyote ugly. the lion king. aladdin. lilo & stitch. nightmare on elm street. signs.

television. buffy the vampire slayer. doctor who. fringe. lost. the vampire diaries. angel. friends. glee. once upon a time. game of thrones. how i met your mother. misfits. the walking dead. veronica mars. house. friday night lights.

celeb crushes. brian littrell. stevie brock. kellan lutz. stephen amell. taylor kitsch. ian somerhalder. milo ventimiglia. lea michele. anna torv. jennifer lawrence. emma watson.

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We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.
-- J. K. Rowling